Secure Portal

Make your existing in-house web applications available to your customers, busniess partners and employeers from anywhere.

Guard your Network

A Netlang Secure Portal is an encrypted tunnel availible to the general internet which forward its traffic to an on-premises webserver. Unlike a VPN a Netlang Secure Proxy is configured per app basis, terminats SSL and handles authentication and fail-over.


Secure your Data

Many web applications are not made public due to lack of authentication and security. Netlang Secure Portal shields you internal servers by preventing direct communication with your business partners. The portal act as a front door adds several layers of security to your in-house application. 




Allows you to safely exchange data with busniess partners across the internet.



Add user authentication to your existing web applications without having to do any modifications.


Dynamic routing

Advance routing that handels fail-over and infrastructure changes, set up rules depending on response codes.

Data Protect

Increase security to your enterprise’s trusted zone, no holes in the firewalls is needed. All communications are encrypted with the latest security standard.

How it Works

How it works
1) Install the Netlang Gateway where your in-house web application resides.
2) The gateway creates a secure tunnel to the Netlang cloud.
3) On the configuration site, define the endpoint for the web application and select the gateway.
Enable authentication and load balancing if necessary

High Availability Architecture

The architecture around Netlang Secure Proxy aims to prolong the uptime of systems, allowing resources to stay available and services to operate over long periods of time despite the occurrence of errors and/or high loads. Netlang has built-in failover and load balancing in every step with no single point of failure.

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