New technology in a unique platform

Netlang is an integration platform as a service, iPaaS, with several new inventions that meet the increasing digitalization demand over large number of sites and between companies. Netlang's new approach gives an elegant solution to many of the problems you face in large scale integration projects. Netlang also enables you to build some large scale solutions that was earlier too expensive.

Life is simple with Netlang

Create a corporate account

Get access to the cloud based development and operations environment.
Start new HW instances and databases in the cloud with a few clicks.

Define your Netlang Network

Download the Gateway on the servers on-premises or to the cloud
instances you want to exchange data with.
All resources in your network will be visualized in one place.

Build your integration scripts

Use the pre-defined connections or add your own code.
Test and debug on any location.

Run and monitor your solution

Schedule your tasks.
Monitor your integrations.
Track code and people.

Global problem solving

It takes time to identify a failing network or resource in integration solutions spanning over different locations, companies or countries. Problem solving often starts in parallel at all affected locations and when the problem finally is located it is often not easy to know who to call. The total cost is significant and the downtime is normally unnecessary long.

In Netlang every resource is monitored in the cloud and give a global status picture available to all. A failing resource or network is spotted immediately and there is always contact information connected so the issue can be resolved quickly.

Connect with partners

Information flow between companies and business units exist today and it is done in many different ways. It always involves knowledge in some transport and authentication protocols. Finding information about how to use these are sometimes poor. All this uncertainty and obstacles around this make the price go up.

In Netlang it is built into the language and makes it as simple as using local functions. The simplicity around this in Netlang will give more business to business interaction.

Central security

There are always a myriad of ways security is handled in large integration environments. Some flows are totally unprotected and other use different level of security. It is natural because time goes and the security level rises as machines and flaws are detected. Over time it is hard to keep everything updated.

In Netlang all flows between different networks are on high security and it is automatically updated to the latest security standard. If you are copying a files to a customer or querying a database in a remote country the information is always secured in the best possible way.

Everything in one place

A large company has normally a group of people developing integrations and run these in some tools. Over time new people come in and time must be spent on setup of development tools and access to machines and systems involved in the development cycle.

In Netlang everything is stored in the cloud and the development is done directly in the browser, there is no setup time.

What's next?

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