Modernize your Legacy System

Instead of seeing digitalization as a cost to run your business, use your existing system as an asset to growing your business.


Your legacy systems may have helped you grow in the past, but they eventually reach a maturity point. Instead of replacing or rebuilding outdated systems include them in your digital transformation strategy and leverage the data to gain new operational benefits and innovations.
Netlang can help you embark on new digitalization journeys, such as cloud, mobile and social strategies. With our cloud and on-premises solutions, it is easy to rearchitect your legacy system and transform the local assets into widely available services in the most secure and cost-efficient way.

Key features in Netlang to help you modernize legacy systems

Consolidate legacy business systems into a single available API.

Improve performance by caching or scaling to meet the expectations of your customers.

State of the art security to secure your systems from external threats.

Premade out of the box adapters to legacy systems or create your own.

Stay on-premises and move assets to the cloud in steps, when you are ready.

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