Netlang: Your Integration, Management & Connectivity Issues Sorted!

A next-gen integration platform as a service (iPaaS), Netlang is redefining the way data, applications, and processes can be integrated across the enterprise, either on-premises or in cloud environments.

Founded in order to bridge the gap between a businesses’ internal systems as well as processes and customers’ evolving expectations, Netlang offers a frictionless and well-integrated experience on-demand, empowering businesses to succeed while delighting customers at the same time.

When Java was announced is could run at all hardware. Netlang take that further too also run at all locations which is a huge leap forward. The location independence gives infrastructure flexibility, integration solutions can be moved between machines or the cloud with a click.
Netlang brings together today’s fast global network, cloud power, mature proven way to handle security and new technology into a platform that offer a modern approach to integrate and boast digitalization and at the same time take full advantage of the power in the cloud.

The Solution That Businesses Need

Companies nowadays use a plethora of software and systems. No wonder enterprise integration is a challenge with data loss, misalignment, lack of information, inefficiencies, risks, and security threats rising – faster than ever before.

Gone are the days when companies worldwide used to integrate businesses processes via custom programming or enterprise application integration (EAI). Cloud is all the rage right now. Not to forget the vast number of Software as a service (SaaS) applications, proliferation of network services, Internet of Things (IoT), and edge computing.

As a result, the need for businesses to rapidly and effectively integrate data, applications, and processes – both on-premises and in the cloud – is higher than ever.

This is precisely where Netlang comes in, providing real-time data sharing and processing, boosting efficiency, enhancing security, eliminating workloads, reducing overheads, and encouraging innovation.

The Solution That Customers Want

Customers’ needs and preferences continue to evolve – now more than ever.

They want immediate and effective solutions, prompt feedback, holistic access to cater to all their problems, and convenience as well as security.

But no one software, system, application, and process can do it all. Which is why there’s a need for a unified and robust integration solution.

Netlang offers just that and much more – a one-stop platform for all customers’ needs in addition to data that is well organized and accessible, enhanced communication, and streamlined workflows.

No more sourcing and deploying different technologies in different environments. No more wasting time switching between tools, misinterpreting, and losing out on information.

Business Partner Integration

Information flow between companies and business units exist today and it is done in many different ways. It always involves knowledge in some transport and authentication protocols and finding information on how to use it is sometimes poor. All this uncertainty and obstacles around this make the price go up. If you ask for a fixed price we are talking days.
In Netlang it built into the language and make it as simple as using local functions. The simplicity around this in Netlang will give more business to business interaction.

Central Security

There are always a myriad of ways security is handled in large integration environments. Some flows are totally unprotected and other use different level of security. It is natural because time goes and the security level rises as machines and flaws are detected. It is also often up to the individual doing the integration to have the right knowledge. Over time it is hard to keep everything updated.
In Netlang all flows between different networks are one high security and it is automatically updated to the latest security standard. If you are copying a file to a customer or querying a database in a remote country the information is always secured in the best possible way.

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