IBM Power System I

AS400 is a reliable and powerful transaction machine which often runs the core systems in global companies. We at Netlang have a long history of connecting external applications to this platform. One of the most common scenarios is connecting the company’s web shop with live data. Netlang includes innovations that make these integrations easier and with unbeatable performance.

Take full advantage

Since the Power I machine is so rich of features and functionality there is a full category with easy to use drag & drop components to fully utilize this machine. The component gives great support during development and is very easy to use. Example of functionality the components offers are database access, program calls, command execution, data queues and spool files. The components make life easy by prefilling and listing information from the Power I when necessary.  Another powerful feature available in Netlang is the Power I Robot. Tons of high quality user applications has been built on the Power I platform, these applications is often called “green screen” and use a protocol called 5250. The robot let you create new functions over part of these applications that can be used in integrations or simply automate a manual process.

Leverage the value of IBM Power I

The Power I machine has been known for its extreme performance and reliability and now Netlang brings easy development and integration to that. Together they make a very strong combo for the company’s core business. Transactions and business rules are processed at the Power I and Netlang feed external systems with services and data in different formats. In Netlang development for the Power I can be done directly in the browser in the easy to use drag and drop language or locally in your favorite Java editor. The code can be deployed and run natively at the Power I which let you take full advantage of the raw power and stability of the Power I even for integrations.

eCommerce Integration

A common scenario is to use an AS400 based system as the backend when running a e-commerce storefront, Netlang offer the best performing and most elegant solution to this scenario.


Modernize your AS 400 with our tool box.


Drag & Drop

Build your AS 400 integration with our visual drag and drop interface. No coding necessary.


More than 30 components


Robotic Process Automation

Record a 5250 flow on screen and play it back within your integrations.

AS 400 Gateway

Install our Gateway on your AS 400 to speed up integrations further.

Build and Run SQL

Use the built-in SQL Query builder to retrieve or update data. Queries are easy built with drag & drop and value prompting.



All communications with the AS 400 are encrypted when using the Gateway.

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