Define your Data Flow with Netlang

Whether your data resides in the cloud, such as Azure or AWS, or on-premises Netlang can help you collect data and publish it to consumers.

Integration between many Locations

Building solutions where information are exchanged between many locations are more expensive and time consuming compared to if everything was located locally at one location. The cost almost increase exponentially with added number of locations, reaching 50+ locations it become unmanageable with enormous cost. The reason are tons of people, software, security, networking and project management involved.

Collect your Data

Netlang makes it easy to collect data from multiple sources, whether it resides in the cloud or in different on-premises locations. Netlang handles the transportation allowing you to focus on analyzing.

If you want to share your data to business partners you can simply grant access to your data source or add a custom API for a more fine-grained control.

Connector Library

Use our prebuilt connector library to access your data sources or build your own. Netlang has a wide range of ready to use connectors that requires no traditional coding to use. If you don not find the connector you are looking for, you can easily create your own i plain java.

Data Mapping Tool

Use our data mapping tool to drag and drop data mappings to link your systems together, no traditional programming are required. The data can be transformed or combined with different data providers.

Centrally Managed

All your data providers are accessible from with in the Netlang environment. User and group management are centralized in the cloud and can be applied to all data sources. You can even invite you partners to access your data sources.

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